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CVA executive director Nate Anderson to White House: Direct the VA to reverse its decision on pausing the VA MISSION Act

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By Concerned Veterans for America

We’ve seen historic reforms to the Department of Veterans Affairs over the last few years, including increased health care choice for veterans and more accountability at the VA.

But in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the VA has backtracked on much of its progress, shutting down most access to community health care, leaving many veterans without timely care.

In a recent op-ed, CVA Executive Director Nate Anderson outlined what the Trump administration can do to keep VA reforms going through current challenges:

While the Trump administration deserves great credit for its work fixing systemic problems at the VA, there remains work to be done. The White House should quickly direct the VA to reverse its decision to pause the VA MISSION Act. This perplexing decision is restricting veterans’ access to care and endangering the progress made in expanding choice for veterans, right when they need more options.

In addition to reforming VA health care, Anderson’s op-ed also highlights what the administration can do to honor the sacrifice of veterans, specifically by rethinking our nation’s foreign policy and getting us out of endless wars.

Now is not the time to limit when and where a veteran can seek needed medical care. We hope the president and the VA will take steps to ensure veterans are cared for.

Read the rest of Anderson’s op-ed in USA Today.