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Anderson: Why Biden should stick to the Afghanistan withdrawal deadline

4 Soldiers on Patrol with Desert Background

By Concerned Veterans for America

Our Executive Director Nate Anderson deployed to Afghanistan twice as a Green Beret, once during the Bush administration, once during the Obama administration. He applauded when the Trump administration signed an agreement to set a timeline for U.S. withdrawal. Now he waits to see if the Biden administration will live up to that deal as the May 1 deadline approaches. 

In an op-ed at Fox News, Nate makes the case for why President Biden, the fourth commander in chief to oversee the longest war in American history, should live up to the deal to end it. 

“If 20 years and trillions of dollars haven’t achieved sufficient results, more of the same won’t get us there now,” he writes. 

Nate feels strongly about the issue, but he isn’t the only one. Recent polling showed the majority of veterans, military families and the American people support withdrawing all U.S. troops from Afghanistan.  

“America accomplished what it set out to do in Afghanistan, and remaining will needlessly risk lives in pursuit of a mission that war proponents cannot or will not articulate,” Anderson writes. “As someone who has put himself in harm’s way and continues to serve, I expect better from our leaders.” 

Read Afghanistan war veteran Nate Anderson’s take on sticking to the withdrawal deadline at Fox News.