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The Overwatch

Dan Caldwell: Trump should withdraw all troops from Afghanistan before Inauguration Day

This year, the United States began its twentieth year of war in Afghanistan. President Donald Trump has long criticized America’s longest war and spent his four years in office working to withdraw troops from the country. A February 2020 agreement with the Taliban established May 2021 as the deadline for full troop withdrawal. Unfortunately, previous… Read more »

By Concerned Veterans for America
Tuesday, November 24th 2020

After tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, this Army medic sees why endless wars aren’t working

In 2005, Danny Medoff was deciding which direction his life should take. He spent a few years in college, but realized it wasn’t right for him, at least not at the time. As decisions about school and work loomed, Danny would watch the news, particularly the reports from Iraq and Afghanistan, where U.S. troops were… Read more »

By Concerned Veterans for America
Thursday, November 19th 2020