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The Overwatch

A look at why withdrawing from Afghanistan was the right decision

The Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan has been a difficult reminder of years of missteps and mistakes, reinforced by the tragic death of 13 American service members and 169 Afghan civilians as the withdrawal drew to a close. As Washington tries to make sense of the botched evacuation, it’s imperative that it sees the war in… Read more »

By Concerned Veterans for America
Thursday, September 23rd 2021

Americans want accountability for 20 years of war in Afghanistan, not just the last 20 days

The U.S. military has completed its evacuation of Afghanistan, bringing a formal end to America’s longest war.  The last few weeks have been a solemn reminder of how much the Afghanistan War has cost in time, resources, dollars, and lives. Concerned Veterans for America Senior Advisor Dan Caldwell commented on the losses endured by the… Read more »

By Concerned Veterans for America
Thursday, September 2nd 2021

How can we end our endless wars? Repealing outdated AUMFs is a good start.

Last week, the House of Representatives voted to repeal the 2002 Authorization for Use of Military Force. The bill, introduced by Rep. Barbara Lee, had support on both sides of the aisle, including a bipartisan group of cosponsors. The White House has also suggested support for a repeal, and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer announced… Read more »

By Concerned Veterans for America
Wednesday, June 23rd 2021

What CVA accomplished in 2020

To say that 2020 was a different kind of year would be an understatement. We faced unprecedented challenges as a nation. But it has been encouraging to see Americans watch out for each other while adapting to difficult circumstances. Despite these challenges, the men and women who make up the ranks of Concerned Veterans for… Read more »

By Concerned Veterans for America
Tuesday, December 29th 2020

Dan Caldwell: Trump should withdraw all troops from Afghanistan before Inauguration Day

This year, the United States began its twentieth year of war in Afghanistan. President Donald Trump has long criticized America’s longest war and spent his four years in office working to withdraw troops from the country. A February 2020 agreement with the Taliban established May 2021 as the deadline for full troop withdrawal. Unfortunately, previous… Read more »

By Concerned Veterans for America
Tuesday, November 24th 2020

Q&A: Foreign policy analyst Tyler Koteskey on what the U.S. accomplished in Afghanistan and why it’s time to withdraw troops

United States just began its 20th year of war in Afghanistan. What started as a response to the attacks of September 11 has turned into nearly two decades of combat and shifting objectives that are not in line with our original goals. After so many tireless years of fighting, more than $6 trillion spent, and… Read more »

By Concerned Veterans for America
Wednesday, October 7th 2020

John Byrnes: The war in Afghanistan has gone on so long, it’s outlasted my 22-year military career

By John Byrnes, CVA Director of Education On September 11, 2001, I was called to duty. I still remember clearly, hearing the news that the first plane had hit one of the twin towers, as I sat in a Manhattan classroom. I was only one year into my enlistment, having done a previous four-year stint… Read more »

By Guest Columnist
Tuesday, August 11th 2020