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Veterans have a storied history of entrepreneurship and leadership in business. Wisconsin’s economy has faced tremendous hardships from the pandemic and our governments response to it. Wisconsin businesses will lead our economic recovery and return us to prosperity again. While some business leaders may choose, in their individual interest, more government intervention, the Wisconsin Veterans Business Alliance will advocate the free-market principles to help all Wisconsinites.

We have a unique opportunity to make our state more business and talent friendly. The Wisconsin Veteran Business Alliance will leverage the unique veteran cultural commitment to “One Team, One Fight,” and the wide range of industries in which veterans and military families own businesses and have substantial experience, to advocate for policy changes that will make Wisconsin better for everyone.

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Advisory Board

Sam Rogers

US Army Veteran
Director, WVBA

Sam is an Army veteran, former intelligence officer, and veteran advocate with years of experience in veteran centric policy reform work including veteran’s higher education, military foreign policy, and veteran’s healthcare access.

Roy Cambronero

US Army Veteran
Financial Advisor, Northwestern Mutual

Roy is an Army veteran, former intelligence analyst, and community leader who serves as a financial advisor to entrepreneurs and small business owners throughout southeast Wisconsin.

Mike Doble

US Army Veteran
Proprietor, Explorium BrewPub

Mike a US Army Veteran, a former Engineer Officer, and a leader in the Wisconsin Craft Beverage community. Mike has designed, built, and run multiple breweries in addition to a civil engineering firm. An avid aviator, Mike brings a wide of business experience to the team.

Taneal Jordan

US Navy Veteran
Founder, Donna Cazzuto

Taneal is a Navy veteran, finance professional, inspirational speaker and the founder of a women’s empowerment clothing brand based out of Milwaukee.

Ruben Gaona

US Navy Veteran
Co-Founder and COO, The Way Out

Ruben is a Navy veteran of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, a community leader, advocate, and innovator focused on breaking down barriers to meaningful employment for formerly incarcerated people in Milwaukee and statewide.

Steve Janke

US Marine Corps Veteran
Founder, Mission Wisconsin

Steve is a USMC veteran, a former dairy co-owner, and the founder of Mission Wisconsin – a talent company that markets the great state of Wisconsin to servicemembers departing active duty and connects them to employment, education, and support services during their relocation.

Calvin Lee

US Army Veteran
Advisor, Education Reform

Calvin is a US Army Veteran with decades of experience advocating for teachers, students, and classrooms. Calvin has extensive experience in state and local government and brings unique knowledge of educational barriers in Wisconsin and how to bring people together to solve institutional problems.

Tax Reform

Despite billions in tax cuts over the last decade, Wisconsin remains one of the highest taxed states in the nation. This adversely impacts the spending power of consumers, expansion of existing businesses and new. Lowering the overall tax burden, and making taxes easier to understand, is one key to encouraging firms to start in Wisconsin, stay in Wisconsin, grow in Wisconsin, or relocate to Wisconsin.


Occupational licensing continues to be an overwhelming barrier for individuals entering the workforce. Inconsistent and arbitrary licensure reciprocity coupled with consistent delays from regulators in issuing licenses discourage talent from moving to or staying in Wisconsin, especially in high-demand fields, and can slow overall economic growth.


Wisconsin’s administrative code and regulatory burden hinders our economic growth and businesses daily. These unnecessary regulations are costly for businesses to comply with and in some cases nearly impossible for the business community to understand. Reforming our regulatory process to limit unnecessary and burdensome regulations is necessary to improve our economic outlook and help businesses grow.


Wisconsin consistently ranks as having the largest racial achievement gap for K-12 education in the country. Overall, only one-third of Wisconsin public school students can read or do math at grade level. These students are the next generation of entrepreneurs and business owners, construction and trades workers, healthcare staff and countless others. Wisconsin must empower parents and students to access better education options that are not solely dependent on their family income and ZIP code to improve education outcomes for the future of our state.