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CVA to Iowans: Vote for Reps. Blum, Young

By Concerned Veterans for America

CVA to Iowans: Vote for Reps. Blum, Young

Grassroots veterans group points to legislators’ record on veterans issues, urges support

Thursday announced its support for Congressmen Rod Blum (R-Iowa) and David Young (R-Iowa), highlighting their record on veterans issues during their time in Congress. The group will mobilize its field staff to speak directly with voters in Iowa and will conduct a direct mail effort highlighting the lawmakers’ records on key veterans policies.

CVA Executive Director, Dan Caldwell, had this to say about the group’s support:

“We are committed to supporting those who have supported our veterans, and Reps. Blum and Young have consistently voted for pro-veteran policies while in Congress. With their votes in support of increasing health care choice for veterans and bringing much-needed accountability to the VA, they have shown a true commitment to ensuring Iowa’s veterans are a priority. We urge all voters to vote for them in November.”

View sample mail pieces here and here.

Notably, Reps. Blum and Young voted in support of the VA Accountability and Whistleblower Protection Act, a law to ensure bad actors at the VA can be held accountable for their actions, and most recently the VA MISSION Act, a law to provide more health care options for our nation’s veterans.

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