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CASE STUDY #4 | Green Fleet and Grocery Stores: Reducing “Fat” to preserve “Muscle”

By Concerned Veterans for America

Previous Concerned Veterans for America case studies have centered on sensible reductions in defense spending  (Closure of U.S. Joint Forces Command), reforming administrative practices (Auditing the Pentagon), and reforming weapons procurement (Fielding Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected Vehicles). Indifferent ways, the first three case studies highlighted examples in which the Pentagon could, and did, do things well. This report is different, focusing on places in the Department of Defense (DoD) budget where a change in spending priorities, large or small, is needed. In order to save critical and cutting-edge defense programs and capabilities (the “muscle”), DoD must be willing to part ways with certain practices (the “fat”) that are excessive, outdated, or unnecessary.  This case study will focus on the Department of the Navy’s alternative fuel source push (the so-called “Green Fleet”), as well as other elements of the defense budget that either need reform or should be eliminated altogether—without undercutting our nation’s strategic capabilities.