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CASE STUDY #3 | A Moral Imperative: Fielding Mine-Resistant Vehicles

By Concerned Veterans for America

“A Moral Imperative: Fielding Mine-Resistant Vehicles” is the latest installment in the ‘Defend & Reform’ Case Study series and you can read it here. In this study we look at the traditional defense acquisition process and why it was bypassed in order to get live-saving vehicles to the battlefield in Iraq and Afghanistan. Mine resistant vehicles were urgently needed, but the conventional Pentagon bureaucracy couldn’t deliver. Why? How was is bypassed? And is this case study a lesson in how to reform the defense acquisition process? The ‘Defend & Reform’ Case Study Series includes five case studies and will culminate in a “lessons learned” event in December that will examine various defense reforms and cuts, in order to identify what makes for smart, strategic, and effective defense reforms.