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FINAL REPORT | Defend & Reform: The Future of America’s Defense Spending

With a looming “fiscal cliff” that includes across-the-board spending cuts hovering above Washington, the future of American defense spending is uncertain. What is nearly certain is that the Department of Defense will see additional budget cuts. The pertinent questions are therefore: how much cutting is too much? how much is enough? and how do we… Read more »

CASE STUDY #5 | A ‘Missing Defense System’: MEADS Needs to Go

Concerned Veterans for America (CVA) believes Congress should undertake serious reforms to defense spending to maintain a sustainable fiscal path that preserves American power. To that end, over the past five months, CVA has produced five “case studies” that examine various examples of defense cuts and reforms, with an eye towards identifying what makes for… Read more »

CASE STUDY #4 | Green Fleet and Grocery Stores: Reducing “Fat” to preserve “Muscle”

Previous Concerned Veterans for America case studies have centered on sensible reductions in defense spending  (Closure of U.S. Joint Forces Command), reforming administrative practices (Auditing the Pentagon), and reforming weapons procurement (Fielding Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected Vehicles). Indifferent ways, the first three case studies highlighted examples in which the Pentagon could, and did, do things well…. Read more »

CASE STUDY #3 | A Moral Imperative: Fielding Mine-Resistant Vehicles

“A Moral Imperative: Fielding Mine-Resistant Vehicles” is the latest installment in the ‘Defend & Reform’ Case Study series and you can read it here. In this study we look at the traditional defense acquisition process and why it was bypassed in order to get live-saving vehicles to the battlefield in Iraq and Afghanistan. Mine resistant… Read more »

CASE STUDY #2 | Hiding in Plain Sight: Time for a Pentagon Audit

Today, Concerned Veterans for America (CVA) released its second case study in a series launched last month entitled ‘Defend & Reform’. This study is called “Hiding in Plain Sight: Time for a Pentagon Audit.” Did you know that the Department of Defense has never performed an independent audit of its finances? With the national debt now… Read more »

CASE STUDY #1 | One Year Later: The Closing of Joint Forces Command

Review Part One of a Concerned Veterans for America project, the Defend & Reform Case Study Series. The series—which will include five case studies and culminate in a “lessons learned” event in December—examines various past defense reforms and cuts, in order to identify what makes for smart, strategic, and effective defense reforms. Our first in… Read more »