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Veterans Group: Pryor Should Stick to Issues, Not Character Attacks on Veterans

By Concerned Veterans for America

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Contact: Kate Pomeroy | 703-638-3927 Arlington, VA – Sen. Mark Pryor of Arkansas, facing a tough reelection campaign against Rep. Tom Cotton, a U.S. Army veteran, crossed a line in attacking Cotton’s character and military record, according to Concerned Veterans for America (CVA) CEO Pete Hegseth. In an interview with NBC News, Pryor accused Cotton of having a “sense of entitlement” as a result of his military service. Hegseth responded with the following statement:

“Just speaking for myself, and, like Tom Cotton, I am a combat veteran, it’s baffling that Sen. Mark Pryor believes that a man who served his country in uniform and under combat conditions, as Rep. Tom Cotton has done in Iraq and Afghanistan, would have a ‘sense of entitlement’ about public service. If anything, I imagine Mr. Cotton has a far deeper understanding of what it means to sacrifice for one’s country than most members of Congress. “It’s disappointing to see a sitting U.S. senator criticize his opponent’s honorable military service. Sen. Pryor should stick to the substantive issues, like explaining to Arkansans why he voted for Obamacare, saying “it was the right vote,” rather than stooping to base character attacks against a military veteran.”

CVA is a non-partisan, nonprofit organi-zation that does not endorse or oppose candidates.

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