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Veterans Group: Budget Theater is All Politics, No Governance

By Concerned Veterans for America

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:                                                  March 4, 2014 Contact: CJ Wheeler(703) 307-3680

Veterans Group: Budget Theater is All Politics, No Governance What’s Missing? Spending Reform. 

Arlington, VA – Today, the White House released the president’s proposed budget outline for fiscal year 2015.  Rather than address the nation’s serious spending problem—and fight for long-overdue reforms—the president presented a budget that continues the path of irresponsible spending and, sadly, is little more than a political road map aimed at rallying the president’s base for the mid-term elections in November.

In response, Pete Hegseth, CEO of Concerned Veterans for America (CVA), issued the following statement:

“President Obama’s proposed budget for the next fiscal year is less a plan for our nation’s fiscal future, and more a declaration that the administration has completely surrendered any notion of fiscally responsible governance.

“The most significant threat to our nation’s security and prosperity is our $17.4 trillion national debt, which this budget does nothing to address. Annual growth of that debt is driven not by military spending, but by instead by unsustainable entitlement spending in Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. Rather than confront these serious challenges—thereby making these programs solvent—President Obama has chosen instead to use his budget to play election year politics.

“CVA has been a leader in calling for serious defense spending reform, because we the need to spend Pentagon dollars more wisely in a fiscally constrained environment. But rather than pursue careful, considered reforms to defense spending, the Obama administration and Congress have offered only deep cuts that will compromise military readiness and endanger U.S. security.

“Recklessly slashing the nation’s military while endlessly growing domestic spending is not the pathway to strength and prosperity. It’s a shameful failure of governance.”

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