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Veterans Advocacy Group Endorses: VA Management Accountability Act of 2014

By Concerned Veterans for America

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Arlington, VAConcerned Veterans for America (CVA), a national organization representing U.S. military veterans and families, announced today its support for the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Management Accountability Act of 2014. In endorsing the bill, introduced by Representative Jeff Miller of Florida, Chairman of the House Committee on Veterans’ Affairs, CVA CEO Pete Hegseth issued the following statement:

Concerned Veterans for America has witnessed, with increasing alarm, the poor state of VA management; not only leading to long wait times for veterans, but also to serious health care problems and even deaths. It’s past time for reform and accountability at this dysfunctional department. “Chairman Miller’s legislation is a very positive step, as it empowers the VA secretary to hold Senior Executive Service (SES) managers accountable for their job performance. Good VA managers will be rewarded, bad managers removed, and veterans can look forward to being better served. “This legislation will strengthen VA leadership’s ability to address systemic strengths and weaknesses in department managers, and in doing so forge a culture of accountability, rather than more bureaucratic malaise. We applaud Congressman Miller for his continued efforts in support of America’s veterans, and for working with both Republicans and Democrats on his committee to demand more from VA.”

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