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Tennessee Senate Still Using Veterans as Front to Raise Taxes

By Concerned Veterans for America

Arlington, VA – Facing backlash for using veterans as pawns in a gas tax fight, the Tennessee state House has removed the veterans’ property tax relief amendment from Governor Bill Haslam’s $355 million gas tax increase proposal. The Tennessee state Senate has not followed suit and is refusing to consider veterans’ property tax relief in legislation separate from the gas tax – meaning that nothing will be addressed until next year.

Concerned Veterans for America (CVA) Executive Director Mark Lucas had the following to say:

“We applaud the Tennessee House for recognizing that veterans should not be used as a front to pass a massive gas tax increase. The Senate’s decision to play political games with hard-working Tennessee taxpayers will not pay off, and we encourage them to do the right thing.”

State Rep. Van Huss, member of the Veterans Caucus, added:

“I am proud of the House for taking a stand against using Tennessee veterans as political pawns. I urge the Senate to follow suit.”

If passed, the gas tax increase would have a devastating impact on hardworking Tennessee families and veterans who rely on affordable transportation. Next year, the gas tax would be increased by 4 cents. In each subsequent fiscal year, it would increase by 1 cent.

The Tennessee state government is currently sitting on a $2 billion surplus.