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Statement: House & Senate Pass Bill to End Shutdown Standoff

By Concerned Veterans for America

For Immediate Release: October 16, 2013

Statement: House & Senate Pass Bill to End Shutdown Standoff

Pete Hegseth, CEO of Concerned Veterans for America (CVA) issued the following response

“This short-term deal may end the immediate crisis of a partial government shutdown and credit default, but is yet another example of Washington putting short-term political stop-gap measures before the economic and fiscal well-being of the nation. Concerned Veterans for America welcomes an end to the short term political brinksmanship, but remains frustrated that huge issues facing veterans, the military and all Americans remain unaddressed. “The melodrama of the last two weeks served only to increase the distance between the American people and their government—particularly veterans and military families, who were shamefully treated as pawns in a political game—without advancing solutions to address the nation’s unsustainable spending and debt. After all this political finger pointing, America’s $17 trillion debt is still slated to continue growing without constraint and we find ourselves without a substantive path forward create economic growth and restrain the growth of government spending. “Political pundits will endlessly debate the winners and losers in this deal—but, regardless, the American people are the true losers, watching their President and federal government fail once again. Veterans increasingly recognize that there is very little credible leadership in Washington capable of addressing our most critical national challenges.  That needs to change, and quickly.”

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Concerned Veterans for America is a non-partisan, non-profit, 501(c)(4) organization that advocates for policies that will preserve the freedom and liberty we and our families so proudly fought and sacrificed to defend.