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Statement from Concerned Veterans for America

By Concerned Veterans for America

Stephanie Cutter blames the politicization of Benghazi on Romney/Ryan Today Stephanie Cutter, one of President Obama’s top campaign officials, said the terrorist attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya—one month ago today—only became an issue because the Romney campaign ‘politicized’ the matter. She dubbed Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan ‘reckless and irresponsible’ for questioning administration policies that resulted in the murder of four Americans.  Yesterday, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney made similar remarks in response to direct question from Jake Tapper of ABC News. Pete Hegseth, CEO of Concerned Veterans for America (CVA) issued the following statement in response: “We’re accustomed to hearing a lot of spin and nonsense in Washington but this takes the cake. I speak with members of the veterans’ community every day—both Democrats and Republicans—who have expressed shock and dismay at the lack of any sort of clear, strategic response to these attacks on Americans. CVA has repeatedly expressed the hope that a strong position would be taken to resolve this issue. But, unfortunately, it seems the State Department and White House have instead been distracted by the political news cycle. “Both spokespersons insinuate that it is ‘reckless and irresponsible’ to question and criticize policy failures that have left Americans less safe and secure. That’s a smoke screen. There is a legitimate debate to be had on our strategy and posture in that region. More to the point, North Africa is not the only challenge facing this country. Our debt continues to grow, spending is out of control, and national security spending is on the chopping block. Americans want leadership and results. The President and his advisers would do well to get their priorities straight.”