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She Knew: Concerned Veterans for America Holds Sen. Hagan Accountable For Broken VA Promises

By Concerned Veterans for America

Arlington, Va. – Sen. Kay Hagan’s sudden attempts to distance herself from President Obama and the tragedies at VA hospitals across the country are too little, too late.  After promising to improve the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), Sen. Hagan did nothing to address VA delays she knew existed until political expediency proved beneficial.  Meanwhile, wait times in North Carolina grew to be some of the worst in the country.

Pete Hegseth, CEO of Concerned Veterans for America, issued the following statement:

“Senator Hagan’s tough talk as President Obama heads to Charlotte is unfortunately too little, too late for the North Carolina veterans who unjustly suffered under her watch. Just as we fight to hold VA employees accountable for their records on the job, CVA will fight to ensure that politicians are held to account for broken campaign-cycle promises to our nation’s veterans.

“Based on her own words, Senator Hagan was sent to Washington to improve care for North Carolina’s veterans. But since 2008, North Carolina’s VA facilities have deteriorated to become some of the worst in the country. Plain and simple, Senator Hagan knew that delays were taking place and only became interested in fixing the VA when it became politically expedient. How can North Carolina Veterans trust that this time will be any different?”

CVA is currently running a TV ad exposing Sen. Hagan’s true record on fixing the VA.

Kay Hagan Has Known About Problems At The VA Since At Least 2008

Aware of Patient Delays, Kay Hagan Campaigned on Improving the VA. “I’ve been . . . hearing first-hand from veterans the issues that they’re facing on trying to get care at the VA hospitals . . . There are so many issues.” (Hagan for US Senate, “Keeping Our Promises To Our Veterans,” YouTube, 11/01/08)

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