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Senate Judiciary Committee Should Move Qualified Nominees to Vote

By Concerned Veterans for America

Arlington, VA – Today the Senate Judiciary Committee is set to vote on several qualified lower court nominees, including Notre Dame Law Professor Amy Coney Barrett to the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals and Michigan Supreme Court Justice Joan Larsen, nominee to the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals.

Justice Larsen had a hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee earlier this month – four months after her nomination by President Trump. Professor Barrett’s nomination was also considered alongside Justice Larsen.

Concerned Veterans for America (CVA) is urging the Senate Judiciary Committee to move the highly-qualified nominees to the full Senate for a vote without delay.

CVA Executive Director Mark Lucas issued the following statement:

“The nominations of Professor Barrett and Justice Larsen should be advanced to the full Senate and immediately given a vote. The strong records and vast bipartisan support for both nominees shows they are highly-qualified to serve as lower court judges. Over a hundred lower court vacancies still need to be filled and it is inexcusable for the Senate to play political games while we lack a fully-functioning judiciary. CVA will continue engaging and mobilizing our activists as needed to fill these openings with principled jurists dedicated to upholding the rule of law veterans pledged to defend.”

Barrett’s nomination received support from over 70 law professors across the political spectrum and from many of her colleagues at the Notre Dame Law School, who voiced their support for her nomination in letters to the Senate Judiciary Committee. Justice Larsen received strong backing from the Michigan legal community with the dean of the University of Michigan Law School and the Michigan Supreme Court Chief Justice lauding Larsen’s impressive career.

Last month, CVA launched “Defend the Courts,” an initiative to help push qualified judicial nominees through the Senate. The group led an unprecedented grassroots campaign to support Justice Neil Gorsuch’s confirmation to the Supreme Court. Since that time, CVA has pushed for the confirmation of lower court judges John Bush and Kevin Newsom.

There are currently over 140 vacancies in the lower courts across the country. President Trump has nominated over 50 qualified nominees for the circuit and district court vacancies. So far, the Senate has only confirmed 6 of President Trump’s nominees to the courts, including Justice Gorsuch.