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President Says Nothing; White House Supports Failing Bureaucracy Rather Than Standing for Veterans

By Concerned Veterans for America

Media Contact: Emily Laird | | 571.302.0973

President Says Nothing; White House Supports Failing Bureaucracy Rather Than Standing for Veterans

Arlington, Va. – President Obama today affirmed his support for Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Sec. Eric Shinseki despite evidence of widespread and corroborated reports of extreme wait times, cooking of the books, and cover-ups by and by administrators throughout the VA healthcare system. Pete Hegseth, CEO of Concerned Veterans for America, issued the following statement in reaction:

“President Obama managed to say nothing from the podium today. Still no accountability. Still no firings.  Still no reforms at VA.  Nothing.  Instead, he is content to wait a month for a ‘report’ from one of his top political advisors who happens to also be a close personal friend of Eric Shinseki. It would be funny – except it’s so deadly serious.

“Cynically, the President also attempted to shift the blame on previous administrations. Six years after he – and Secretary Shinseki – took over the VA system, they still won’t take responsibility. The backlog has exploded on their watch, and now veterans are dying while waiting months on secret lists.  We don’t need another investigation to tell us that VA is failing at its core mission; we need oversight, accountability, and action.  The President provided none of those today.

“Instead, the President chose to preserve the status quo and support a failing bureaucracy rather than stand up for our nation’s veterans. Even if the President won’t lead, CVA will continue to fight for accountability and excellence for America’s veterans.  A great first step would be passing the VA Management Accountability Act of 2014, which the House is voting on tonight.”

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