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What Pennsylvania Veterans Are Telling Us About the VA

By Concerned Veterans for America

Philadelphia, PA – Hundreds of veterans are sharing their experiences with the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) on, a new Concerned Veterans for America (CVA) platform which launched last week. The organization has been encouraging veterans from around the country to submit their stories to the website or on social media using #MyVAStory.

Here are a few of the stories we’re seeing in Pennsylvania:

Jay, Army Veteran: “I Reported Concerns of Patient Care and Safety.” “I work at a small VA hospital in Pennsylvania, and receive my specialized medical care at one of the largest VA healthcare systems in a major metropolitan area in our state. A few years ago I reported concerns of patient care and safety at the small VA hospital where I worked. In response, VA began cancelling my consults for care related to my service-connected disability.”

Michael, Army Veteran: “The VA refused to Pay for the Therapy Sessions.” “Only after seeing the inpatient physician three times and threatening to go to her superior did I finally land an appointment with a podiatry specialist, a month later. Within 10 minutes I was diagnosed with a ruptured Achilles tendon by an intern. I was sent for an ultra sound roughly a month later, which resulted in the conformation of a rupture… I started going to my psychical therapy appointments and I started receiving bills. The VA refused to pay for the therapy sessions even though I was told they would be free for me.”

Roosevelt, Veteran: “We Are Being Forced to Wait…Because of a Clerical Error.” I believe it is deplorable that we have waited for over a year now and we are being forced to wait even longer now because of a clerical error. I was under the assumption that things at the VA would be fixed after all of this time. Why must the veterans that gave so much for the protection of this great country be treated like the scum of the Earth? I’m sure that veterans of other countries are treated in a much better way.”

Each of the stories are being read and compiled, and CVA’s policy team is looking for broad themes. This information will help inform the kind of VA reforms CVA will fight for moving forward.

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