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Pennsylvania Veterans Pressure Casey to Confirm Gorsuch

By Concerned Veterans for America

Philadelphia, PA – Senator Bob Casey recently indicated that he is not yet behind Neil Gorsuch, but Concerned Veterans for America (CVA)’s Pennsylvania chapter is fully engaged in a campaign to gin up grassroots support for the SCOTUS nominee and put pressure on the Democratic Senator.

The organization has an active digital campaign and hosts regular phone banks within the state asking veterans and the military community to contact Senator Casey and ask him to confirm Gorsuch without delay. Already, the Senator has been contacted over 400 times by CVA activists in PA, and CVA volunteers and staffers have made over 5,000 calls to urge PA citizens to contact Casey regarding Neil Gorsuch. 

In 2016, Senator Casey stated that senators “must do their job and give [nominees] a fair hearing and a timely vote” and that it’s their “obligation to cast a vote when a nominee is presented.”  

Concerned Veterans for America (CVA) Field Director Eve Allen issued the following statement:

“Last year, Senator Casey was singing a different tune about his Senatorial responsibility to confirm Supreme Court nominees in a clean and expedited process. Veterans who fought and sacrificed for American freedom understand the importance of confirming a justice who is qualified, experienced, and will not legislate from the bench. CVA will continue activating our grassroots army to pressure Senator Casey until he indicates that he will do his job and confirm Neil Gorsuch without delay.”

The night Neil Gorsuch was announced, CVA immediately announced support of the nominee and launched a nationwide grassroots effort to support him.