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CVA on NDAA: Defense Budget Increase Dangerous for National Security

Veterans group criticizes NDAA authorizers for increasing budget top line   ARLINGTON, Va.—Concerned Veterans for America (CVA) on Thursday weighed in on ongoing defense spending debates in the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) and the Defense Appropriations Act for Fiscal Year 2023. The group argued that Congress should avoid putting the U.S. on an unsustainable… Read more »

CVA responds to Biden administration considering limiting veterans access to community care

Veterans group calls out VA for putting bureaucratic costs above veterans’ needs   ARLINGTON, Va.—In recent testimony to Congress, VA Secretary Denis McDonough made a concerning statement that he “had a hunch” the VA should change access standards, a consideration to limit veterans’ access to outside doctors to curb rising costs.  Under the VA MISSION… Read more »

CVA responds to Biden op-ed: rhetoric not matching actions

Veterans group calls for more end-state clarity in foreign policy decisions   ARLINGTON, Va.—Concerned Veterans for America on Wednesday responded to President Biden’s recent op-ed in which he outlined his decision to send more advanced rocket systems to Ukraine and to bless Finland’s and Sweden’s applications to join NATO. CVA highlighted the need for greater… Read more »

CVA on Senate’s rushed $40bn Ukraine aid bill

Veterans group criticizes lawmakers for failing to ask tough questions and provide accountability for American taxpayers   ARLINGTON, Va.—Concerned Veterans for America (CVA) on Thursday again chided Senators for fast-tracking a $40 billion aid bill for Ukraine without providing the American taxpayers answers on what our strategy for the country is or how it is… Read more »

CVA on $40 Billion Ukraine Aid Package

Veterans group disappointed lawmakers are rushing through Ukrainian aid packages without answering key questions about U.S. strategy   ARLINGTON, Va.—Concerned Veterans for America (CVA) on Tuesday expressed disappointment in lawmakers for rushing through another multibillion-dollar aid package for Ukraine without answering important questions about U.S. goals in Ukraine. Lawmakers on Monday announced an agreement to… Read more »

CVA urges Congress not to rubber stamp Ukrainian aid package

Lawmakers should force Biden Administration to define end-state in Ukraine    ARLINGTON, Va.—Concerned Veterans for America (CVA) on Wednesday urged lawmakers to closely scrutinize President Biden’s proposed $33 billion aid package to Ukraine. The supplemental budget request comes as the U.S. faces record inflation and is more than $30 trillion in debt, with interest payments… Read more »

CVA on OIG report on patient wait time data: ‘opening the door for more confusion and delays in care’

Veterans group calls out VA’s selective calculation and presentation of wait times and the confusion it has created for veterans needing clarity in getting care   ARLINGTON, Va.—A memo from the Department of Veterans Affairs Office of the Inspector General on Thursday acknowledges the VA is calculating patient wait times using multiple methods and incomplete… Read more »