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What Ohio Veterans Are Telling Us About the VA

By Concerned Veterans for America

Columbus, OH – Hundreds of veterans are sharing their experiences with the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) on, a new Concerned Veterans for America (CVA) platform which launched last week. The organization has been encouraging veterans from around the country to submit their stories to the website or on social media using #MyVAStory.

Here are a few of the stories we’re seeing in Ohio:

Justin, Navy Veteran: “The Way My Situation Was Handled…Is Nothing Short of Appalling.” The medical opinions of the doctors are not my gripe. They may be correct. However, the way that my situation was handled, from the miscommunication between facilities, the delays, the disregard for my personal situation, is nothing short of appalling.”

Shannon, Army Veteran: “The VA Simply Chooses to Deny My Claims as Valid.” For years I have been battling constant stomach pain. The VA has every bit of evidence in my records which shows the constant reporting of these issues, yet they are reported by so many different doctors and are not accurate or are incomplete that the VA simply chooses to deny my claims as valid, while simultaneously denying me a regular Primary Care Physician until as recently as weeks ago.”

Garry, Navy Veteran: “The Hospital is Clean, Modern and Well-Equipped.” I have been receiving treatment since November 2015 at a VA hospital in Ohio, after a diagnosis of colon cancer. The hospital is clean, modern and well-equipped. The staff I’ve interacted with, without exception, has been helpful, friendly and professional.”

Each of the stories are being read and compiled, and CVA’s policy team is looking for broad themes. This information will help inform the kind of VA reforms CVA will fight for moving forward.

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