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New VA Numbers: The Problem Remains the Same…

By Concerned Veterans for America

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STATEMENT: New VA Backlog Numbers 

Arlington, VA – This week, the Veterans Benefits Administration (VBA) released the Morning Workload report. This latest number for total pending and backlogged compensation claims is less than reassuring. Total Pending: 672,999 (-4,465) Backlogged: 389,861 (-7,980) Percentage backlogged: 57.9 (-0.8) Appeals: 272,110 (+1,043) Darin Selnick, CVA’s top VA Advisor and former Special Assistant to the Secretary at VA issued the following statement:

“For the sixth time in the eight weeks of 2014, the Department of Veterans Affairs reported increases in the number of veterans that have appealed their claims. The increase has been at a higher pace than the increase experienced in 2013, demonstrating the problem with provisional claims that we started to highlight even before delivering our petition. “The problem remains the same: provisional ratings leads to hastened, inaccurate and incomplete work, and shifts the work load to the veterans, which generates more appeals. This is the result of the way the department chose to deal with the backlog, which re-emphasizes the importance of holding the VA accountable.” 

For more information or to schedule an interview with Darin Selnick, please contact CJ Wheeler at or 703-307-3680

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