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NEW POLL: Economic Issues Remain Veterans’ Top Concerns

By Concerned Veterans for America

For Immediate Release: Arlington, VA – A new poll sponsored by Concerned Veterans for America (CVA) and conducted by The Winston Group reveals that the majority of military voters continue to be very concerned about the economy and fiscal issues as factors affecting the overall security of the country. Economic threats—particularly high levels of government debt—are perceived to be greater threats to security than terror threats, but veterans express similar concern for how the nation’s economic weakness affects their personal situations. Counting down to Election Day 2012, veterans are looking for solutions to address the economy and debt. Key findings:

  • As we observed in the past two surveys (March and July) that we conducted, economic issues still dominate the issue set for military voters.

Greatest threats to national security (combined first and second choices):

    •      Economy – 41 percent
    •      Debt – 30 percent
    •      Cuts to the military – 27 percent
    •      Traditional powers like China, Russian and Iran – 31 percent
    •      Foreign terror groups – 32 percent
    •      Cyber terror – 15 percent
  • Fifty-seven percent of military voters are aware of former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Mike Mullen’s statement warning that the national debt is the most significant threat to our national security. More than two-thirds of respondents—67 percent—agreed with this assessment.  
  • There are serious concerns about where the U.S. is headed in the longer term and how economic threats will affect the future of the country. In thinking about the U.S. economy over the next 20 years, 47 percent believe the economy will either be weaker (32 percent) or “about the same” as it is now (15 percent).
  • Takeaway: Military voters view the economy and fiscal issues as part of the overall security of the country, are clearly interested in the national discussion about the economy, and are looking for leaders to propose workable solutions to address the economy and debt.

This survey was conducted September 27-October 1, 2012, and the results noted above are from 800 military voters both veterans and active duty.  The margin of error on a sample of this type is +/- 3.46 percent.

To interview Pete Hegseth, CEO of CVA, about the findings of this poll, please contact Kate Pomeroy at 703-638-3927 or via e-mail at

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