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New Bill Expands Opportunity for FL Military Community

By Concerned Veterans for America

Tallahassee, FL – This morning, State Representative Paul Renner (R) introduced H.B. 615, called the “Occupational Opportunity Act,” which would make it easier for military members and their spouses in Florida to find jobs as they relocate during service.   

If passed, the bill would mark one of the sunshine state’s greatest advancements in occupational licensing reform for veterans and their spouses to allow the military community to use their professional licenses they have earned outside the state or through their service within Florida. It also waives licensing fees for new in-state applicants. 

Concerned Veterans for America Florida spokesperson Diego Echeverri issued the following statement: 

“We applaud Rep. Renner for addressing a major roadblock to opportunity within Florida’s military community. Military members have enough to worry about when transferring from one base to another. Our state is made better by the motivated and well trained workforce that our armed services produce. Florida lawmakers can take action to ensure that these dedicated men and women can seek and retain gainful employment without having to endure costly fees or burdensome red tape. We urge the Florida legislature to pass Rep. Renner’s bill quickly, and implore Governor Scott to sign it upon arrival.”