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Fiscal Cliff Deal: D.C. Dysfunction Shows 2013 Will Resemble 2012

By Concerned Veterans for America

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Contact: Kate Pomeroy | 703-638-3927 Late Tuesday night, the fiscal cliff drama ended—for now. The U.S. House of Representatives passed legislation preventing tax rates from rising on households making under $450,000 and delaying scheduled across-the-board spending cuts, which would have started today, by two months. Pete Hegseth, CEO of Concerned Veterans for America, issued the following statement in response to the fiscal cliff deal:

“We may have avoided the so-called fiscal cliff, but we’ve set the stage for a forthcoming fiscal avalanche that is likely to be even worse. “Not a single hard choice was made here. We raised taxes on a relatively small number of Americans, which will do virtually nothing to reduce the widening gap in revenues and spending, and we didn’t cut one single dime in spending. In fact, deficit spending will likely only increase. “We achieved no reforms in defense and entitlement spending. The dreaded across-the-board cuts of sequestration, which all agreed were something to be avoided, have only been delayed by two months, meaning we’ll be reliving this drama in just a few weeks. And the debt ceiling was not addressed, as our national debt nears a historic high of $16.5 trillion.

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