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Defend Freedom Pork Roast Comes to Rochester Fair Grounds

By Concerned Veterans for America

Rochester, NH – This Saturday, August 23rd The Live Free or Die Chapter of Concerned Veterans for America (CVA) will host a rally for New Hampshire’s veterans, their families and civilian supporters at the Rochester Fair Grounds at 11:00 a.m. to advocate for long-overdue accountability at the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) and discuss other pressing issues facing our nation’s veterans.

“CVA has led the national charge for reforming the VA,” said Pete Hegseth, CEO of CVA. “Generating genuine grassroots support for real management accountability against an engrained bureaucracy hell-bent on preserving the status quo meant bringing our message door-to-door to educate New Hampshire veterans and their families about the VA backlog, secret wait lists, and administrative cover ups. Those efforts will culminate on Saturday, when we will be joined by Governor Rick Perry of Texas as well as other former members of the military and special guests from the NH State legislature. We’re looking forward to talking about the issues and offering some CVA hospitality to those who have served our country.”

This event is on the heels of CVA’s very successful series of nationwide rallies called Defend Freedom Summer Tour.  The Live Free or Die Chapter has been heavily involved in grassroots campaigning for veterans issues as well as hosting several “Thank A Vet” events since Memorial Day week.

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