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Darin Selnick Rejoins Concerned Veterans for America as Senior Advisor

By Concerned Veterans for America

Arlington, Va. – Concerned Veterans for America (CVA) announced today that Darin Selnick is returning as the organization’s senior advisor.   

 Selnick most recently was Veteran Affairs Advisor on the White House Domestic Policy Council, responsible for veterans policy within the Trump administration.  

In his previous capacity at Concerned Veterans for America, Selnick served as Executive Director of the CVA-led Fixing Veterans Healthcare Taskforce, which also included co-chairs like former Senate Majority Leader Dr. William Frist and former Rep. Jim Marshall of Georgia.

CVA Executive Director Dan Caldwell released this statement: 

“Darin’s extensive knowledge of veterans issues and experience working at the VA during both the Bush and Trump administrations will make him a valuable asset to CVA. During his previous time with CVA, Darin was critical in helping to develop our issue priorities and played a key role in establishing CVA as a force in the veterans community. We are very excited to have him re-join the team.”

Selnick also had this to say:

“CVA’s grassroots infrastructure has allowed them to position themselves at the forefront of efforts to reform the VA and other government agencies. By driving the policy conversation at a national level and connecting those efforts with individual activists in communities across the country, CVA has been able to change the conversation on important issues facing our country. I’m confident this exciting work will pay dividends for veterans and all Americans. 

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