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CVA Urges Senate Do Right by Americans During Gorsuch Hearing

By Concerned Veterans for America

Arlington, VA – Today begins Supreme Court nominee Judge Neil Gorsuch’s hearing before the U.S. Senate.

Concerned Veterans for America (CVA) Executive Director Mark Lucas issued the following statement:

Members of the Senate must focus on Judge Gorsuch’s qualifications to serve on the bench and avoid political theatre. Gorsuch’s unparalleled experience and principled approach to interpreting the rule of law proves he will respect the Constitution that so many Americans veterans fought and sacrificed to defend. Our grassroots army will continue fighting in support of Neil Gorsuch until the moment he crosses the finish line and is confirmed to the bench.”

CVA has been running an unprecedented grassroots effort focused in eleven targeted states to help get Judge Gorsuch confirmed to the Supreme Court. The group has made over 300,000 calls to constituents across the country asking them to urge their Senator to confirm Gorsuch without delay. CVA has also launched a targeted wed ad and digital mail campaign in support of the nominee.  

Polling shows Americans on both sides of the aisle support confirming Gorsuch. In several recent polls, Gorsuch received net positive ratings for his approval. He had a +13 point net approval rating among Americans in a Gallup poll as well as a CNN poll. In a Quinnipiac poll, Gorsuch received a +20 point net approval among registered voters who want to see him confirmed. The CNN poll also showed Independents favor Gorsuch by a 12% margin.

The American Bar Association has given Judge Neil Gorsuch its highest rating, unanimously declaring him “well-qualified.”


Concerned Veterans for America is a non-partisan organization that advocates for policies that will preserve the freedom and prosperity we and our families so proudly fought and sacrificed to defend.