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By Concerned Veterans for America

Grassroots veterans group calls to reduce adversary leverage over U.S. by bringing troops home, reducing risks of regional war 

ARLINGTON, Va.—Concerned Veterans for America’s (CVA) Executive Director Russ Duerstine issued this statement following news U.S. troops were harmed at deployment posts in Iraq and Syria last week:

“American troops stationed in Iraq and Syria have been subjected to regular attacks over the past two weeks. It is in the interests of both Israel and the U.S. that the Biden administration should immediately remove these military personnel from harm’s way.  

As demonstrated by the recent deployment of two carrier strike groups to the Middle East, America can deter and, if necessary, project devastating force against adversaries without these ground deployments. The U.S. should support Israel and can do so without needlessly risking American lives and raising the risks of a regional war which would not serve either of our country’s interests.” 


For years CVA has consistently worked to end endless wars, like our continuing presence in Iraq and Syria, making it a  priority  for our grassroots and advocacy efforts alongside principled partners from both major parties in Congress.   

Last Congress, CVA led a coalition in sending a letter to members of Congress urging support of a bipartisan resolution introduced by Sens. Kaine and Young to repeal the 1991 & 2002 AUMFs, highlighting our commitment to removing U.S. troops unnecessarily at risk in the Middle East. 

CVA has been consistent in its support of lawmakers who have taken a principled stand and worked to repeal these measures in the past. In 2019, CVA welcomed the addition of the bipartisan War Powers Caucus to Congress, applauding lawmakers for prioritizing the issue. As an example, CVA also launched a digital ad campaign thanking lawmakers for standing against endless war, praising lawmakers for voting to ensure proper congressional input before any offensive military force against Iran.