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CVA To Congress: Don’t Lard Up NDAA With Pork

By Concerned Veterans for America

CVA To Congress: Don’t Lard Up NDAA With Pork
CVA Opposes Attempts To Add Lawmakers’ Non-Defense Related Pet Projects To NDAA

Arlington, Va. – Today Concerned Veterans for America (CVA) Legislative Director Dan Caldwell made the following statement on behalf of CVA in response to reports that certain members of Congress are attempting to tack on funding for their pet projects on to the FY15 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA):

“CVA is deeply concerned about reports that lawmakers are attempting to add non-defense related spending riders to the FY2015 NDAA- including funding for a women’s history museum and the acquisition of more public land for the federal government. At a time when our nation is facing record level of debt and the Pentagon is making tough choices due to a shrinking defense budget, it is absolutely disgusting that lawmakers would use an important piece of national security legislation like the NDAA as a vehicle to fund pet projects and reward political supporters – especially while our nation still has brave servicemen and women risking their lives in combat every day in Iraq and Afghanistan.

“CVA therefore opposes any attempt to add non-defense spending riders or amendments to the FY15 NDAA and demands that Congress pass an NDAA solely focused on setting defense policy and spending levels for the next fiscal year. Finally, CVA will not hesitate to hold politicians accountable who claim to support our men and women in uniform but who instead use the need to pass the NDAA to fund favored programs and projects not related to the defense of our nation. Accountability was a key element of CVA’s strategy to drive fundamental and critically needed reforms at the Department of Veterans Affairs – it worked before, and it will work again.”


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