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CVA Supports Commission’s Proposals to Reform Military Compensation and Health Care

By Concerned Veterans for America

CVA Supports Commission’s Proposals to Reform Military Compensation and Health Care
Report Recommendations Increase Choice for Service Members and Addresses DoD Spending Trends

Arlington, Va. – The Military Compensation and Retirement Modernization Commission today released its report recommending changes to the current military compensation system to ensure the viability of the military retirement and health care system. In response to the commission’s recommendation, Pete Hegseth, CEO of Concerned Veterans for America (CVA), issued the following statement:

“Concerned Veterans for America supports the Military Compensation and Retirement Modernization Commission’s (MCRMC) overall recommendations to overhaul the military’s retirement and health care system. We are also pleased that the MCRMC took into consideration the concerns of veterans and military families and feel that those concerns were reflected in the recommendations made in the final report – especially the recommendation to grandfather personnel currently serving into the current retirement system. Additionally, we feel that these recommendations will preserve the viability of the All-Volunteer Force, which should be the key goal of any military compensation reform.

“CVA believes that the military health care and retirement reforms that the MCRMC recommends will provide more choice and flexibility to active duty service members, military families, and retirees while preserving incentives for re-enlistment and a defined benefit retirement option for service members who serve more than 20 years. The MCRMC recommendations also expands 401(k)-style retirement benefits to more service members to ensure that those who serve less than twenty years leave the military with more retirement security than they currently do. Finally, these reforms are implemented in a way that will begin to reduce the exploding personnel costs within the Department of Defense’s budget while preserving a quality of life for active duty military personnel, their families, and retirees.

“Following this thoughtful report, we urge Congress to take principled action on these urgent issues. CVA will be holding congressional members accountable, to ensure that America’s elected officials keep these recommendations in mind while considering military compensation and health care reform legislation. Failure to address these issues, which have the potential to overwhelm the Pentagon’s budget in coming years, will undermine both the viability of America’s All Volunteer Force and the ability of our military to effectively defend our nation. Addressing the current military compensation challenges with thoughtful reform will empower America’s troops and their families by both providing more options to obtain the benefits they’ve earned and ensuring that we keep America’s military the most powerful in the world.”


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