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VA Throwing Hundreds of Millions Out The Window in Aurora

By Concerned Veterans for America

Denver, CO — The VA Inspector General released a report yesterday reviewing the construction of a VA hospital in Aurora, Colorado, finding that the VA has spent more than double the amount budgeted by Congress on the failing project.

The Aurora hospital construction budget was projected to cost $800 million, and is now estimated to cost $1.675 billion. The project has also experienced years of schedule slippages.  

The review concluded that “the lessons learned from the Denver replacement medical center can be applied to future construction projects to prevent similar problems.”

Concerned Veterans for America (CVA) Colorado State Director Frank Crocker issued the following statement:

Veterans and American taxpayers alike should be alarmed that the VA felt justified doubling an $800 million budget for a failed construction project – but this problem is way bigger than Aurora, Colorado. The VA has seen a sixty-five percent increase in their budget since 2009, and they might as well be throwing that money out the window. It’s going to take more than a slap on the wrist to fix the rampant fiscal irresponsibility at the VA. The VA needs leaders who are empowered to make tough decisions, whether that means firing irresponsible employees or properly managing a budget. Meaningful accountability reform was needed yesterday.”

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