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CVA Statement: President Demands Debt Ceiling Increase Without Change

By Concerned Veterans for America

Today, President Obama, speaking at a wide-ranging news conference, demanded that Congress raise the debt ceiling without conditions. Pete Hegseth, CEO of Concerned Veterans for America (CVA) issued the following statement in response:

“Our national debt nears a historic high of $16.5 trillion, with no end in sight—if that’s not a debt crisis, I don’t know what is. Yet astonishingly, President Obama is now demanding that we raise the limit on the nation’s credit card so he can pile on more spending, rather than showing leadership to address that crisis through spending reform. “Raising the debt ceiling without addressing federal spending is irresponsible. President Obama’s debt ceiling demand, coupled with his nomination of Jack Lew—an avowed foe of entitlement reform—to head the U.S. Department of Treasury, makes it very clear that his second term will not include a serious approach to deficit reduction. The American people, and our veterans, deserve better than ‘more of the same’ policies that have saddled our nation with an unhealthy economy, political gridlock, and towering debt.”

 To interview Pete Hegseth, please contact Kate Pomeroy at or 703-638-3927.