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CVA Statement on Reversed Demotion of VA Senior Executive Diana Rubens

By Concerned Veterans for America

CVA Statement on Reversed Demotion of VA Senior Executive Diana Rubens

Arlington, Va.Concerned Veterans for America (CVA) released the following statement in response to a federal judge reversing the demotion of Diana Rubens, a senior VA executive found by the VA inspector general to have defrauded the federal government of hundreds of thousands of dollars:

“The reversed demotions of senior VA executives Kimberly Graves, and today Diana Rubens, clearly demonstrate that the VA lacks not only the will to hold its employees accountable, but it also lacks the ability. The toxic culture at the VA, which has resulted in wait list scandals, retaliation against whistleblowers and now the defrauding of taxpayers, can only be fixed when government bureaucrats know they will be held accountable for their actions.

“VA leaders have repeatedly stated they have the necessary tools to fire poorly performing employees. The overturned punishments of Ms. Graves and Ms. Rubens prove that claim false. It is time for VA leaders and Obama administration officials to acknowledge the problem and advocate civil service reforms that increase accountability for employees across the federal government. Until such reforms are embraced, our veterans will continue to be the victims of public corruption and bureaucratic incompetence.

“We want a Veterans Administration that veterans can count on, one that honors their service and sacrifice by ensuring they are treated with dignity and respect. Embracing accountability is a necessary first step in making that desire a reality. We hope VA leaders and other federal officials will work with us in this effort on behalf of all veterans and their families.”

Last week, Kimberly Graves, another senior VA executive implicated in the IG’s report and demoted by the VA, also had her demotion reversed.

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