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CVA Statement on GAO Findings on Veteran Wait Times

By Concerned Veterans for America

Arlington, Va. – Concerned Veterans for America (CVA) Press Secretary John Cooper released the following statement regarding the GAO’s report which found that veterans are still enduring long waits for appointments and that wait times are being manipulated by employees:

“The GAO’s findings, first reported on by USA Today, make clear that the VA continues to fail in its primary mission: delivering timely care to veterans. Contrary to the department’s rhetoric, long wait times and manipulated data are not a thing of the past but are a systemic, consistent and recurring problem, and the VA’s continued insistence that they are not only serves to undermine trust in the department and signal that top officials are not serious about reforming a broken system. Our veterans deserve better. It is time for the VA to stop protecting its bureaucracy and embrace reforms that enhance accountability and choice for veterans.”

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