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CVA Statement on Deaths and Quality of Care Irregularities at Dallas VA Medical Center

By Concerned Veterans for America

Dallas, TX — The VA Office of Inspector General (OIG) Office of Healthcare Inspections released a new report affirming allegations of untimely deaths and quality of care irregularities at the Dallas VA Medical Center during the 2011–2013 calendar years.

OIG conducted a review to determine if Dallas VA leadership took appropriate administrative actions in response to reports of four different employee and patient deaths as well as quality of care irregularities at the Dallas VA Medical Center. The investigation confirmed that Dallas VA leadership did not address recommendations which could have prevented these tragedies.

CVA National Outreach Director Director Cody McGregor issued the following statement:

VA leadership could work to prevent tragedies like those at the Dallas VA, but instead they refuse to hold themselves accountable at any level. Unfortunately, quality of care irregularities and problems with bad VA employees are not isolated to just Texas but are instead a symptom of a widely corrupt and broken VA system. The time has come for elected officials and VA bureaucrats to stop listening to the rhetoric spun up by big government unions and start listening to the veterans that have sacrificed everything for this nation.”

In 2014, the VA Medical Center in Dallas was also investigated over secret wait lists and employee misconduct.

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