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CVA Responds… Sequestration “Would Not Happen”

By Concerned Veterans for America

Concerned Veterans for America CEO Pete Hegseth released the following statement in response to the President’s declaration during the debates on October 22nd that sequestration “would not happen.” “It was astonishing to hear a flat declaration from the president that sequestration would not happen.  The fact that members of Congress sounded just as surprised by the President’s statement last night and this morning isn’t encouraging, but far less surprising – CVA has been on the record for months calling on both the administration and Congress to take action, show leadership, enact reforms, and avoid the impending ‘meat axe.’  It hasn’t happened. “CVA has two concerns about the President’s statement.  The first is that the President  really thinks we can solve fundamental structural problems with government spending in a couple weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas – which means he has either no concept of just how out-of-control these problems have gotten, or that he has no intention to seek real reforms.  This would be almost as tragic as letting the ‘meat axe’ fall in January – because without real reform, it’s going to fall anyway. “The second is that the President was not serious, and merely used the comment as a throwaway line to divert a line of question. The speed with which his spokesmen have been walking back the statement certainly suggests this might be the case. Given the seriousness of the subject, this is profoundly disappointing.