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CVA on Trump’s VA Reform “Plan:” Heavy on Rhetoric, Light on Specifics

By Concerned Veterans for America

CVA on Trump’s VA Reform “Plan:” Heavy on Rhetoric, Light on Specifics

Like VA Secretary McDonald, Trump Promises Much but Proposals Underwhelm

Arlington, Va. – Today, Concerned Veterans for America (CVA) CEO Pete Hegseth released the following statement after Donald Trump rolled out his VA reform plan:

“While Donald Trump rightly proposes more health care choices for veterans and long-overdue accountability for bad VA employees, his ‘plan’ is painfully thin on specifics about how he would implement those principles.

“As our VA reform plan points out, providing real choice and accountability requires fundamentally restructuring the Veterans Health Administration—something his plan never addresses. In fact, outside of rhetoric about choice and accountability, the few specifics in his plan are very similar to the same old song and dance of dumping more money into the VA to build more clinics and expand VA mandates—something that has been tried repeatedly and failed.

“Just like the current VA Secretary, Robert McDonald, Trump uses many of the right buzzwords around VA reform, but his actual plan largely doubles down on the failed VA health care system. In addition, his plan to give veterans health care choice is very similar to the choice card program in several regards and might actually not offer veterans a lot of health care choices in the private sector.

“It’s unfortunate that Donald Trump would release this unserious plan after spending months talking about the VA, even stooping to the level of attacking VA reform leaders like Senator John McCain—a man who has consistently taken the lead in reforming and fixing the VA.”

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