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CVA on Senate’s rushed $40bn Ukraine aid bill

By Concerned Veterans for America

Veterans group criticizes lawmakers for failing to ask tough questions and provide accountability for American taxpayers


ARLINGTON, Va.—Concerned Veterans for America (CVA) on Thursday again chided Senators for fast-tracking a $40 billion aid bill for Ukraine without providing the American taxpayers answers on what our strategy for the country is or how it is tied to American national security.

CVA Deputy Director Russ Duerstine had this to say about the Senate’s passage of this bill:

“It is disappointing to see Congress rubber-stamp yet another massive aid package to Ukraine without clarity around the Biden Administration’s strategy on Ukraine and how it benefits American interests. While we sympathize with Ukrainians as they endure the devastation brought by Russia’s unjust and immoral aggression, Washington’s haste is a disservice to Americans and Ukrainians alike, risking prolonging the war and escalating tensions. Our lawmakers have a responsibility to seriously consider the impact massive spending bills like this will have on our own defense capabilities, our future prosperity, and America’s economic viability.”

Lawmakers last week announced an agreement to put forward a $40 billion aid package – nearly $7 billion more than requested by the White House and in addition to the already-approved $14 billion in aid.

Recently, the Biden Administration expanded U.S. policy aims to include helping the Ukrainian military achieve ‘victory.’ However, the conditions and requirements to accomplish this result were left undefined. As the White House requested $33 billion in aid for Ukraine, CVA called on Congress to ask the tough questions and demand answers as to what the administration’s goals were in Ukraine.