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CVA on President at VFW Convention: Obama Has Failed Our Veterans in the VA

By Concerned Veterans for America

CVA on President at VFW Convention: Obama Has Failed Our Veterans in the VA
Even after the VA wait list scandal, the situation at the VA continues to deteriorate under President Obama

Arlington, Va.Concerned Veterans for America (CVA) Legislative and Political Director Dan Caldwell issued the following statement on behalf of CVA in regards to today’s speech by President Obama at the Veterans of Foreign Wars convention:

“It is indisputable that President Obama and his administration have failed to properly manage and oversee the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA)—and America’s veterans continue to pay the price. Under President Obama, the VA’s budget has massively increased, yet the backlog of disability claims more than doubled in his first term (and remains high to this day), wait times for health care have increased, and the department remains devoid of any sort of accountability. Even after the VA wait list scandal and another funding increase from Congress as part of the VA reform bill passed last summer, wait times for health care have continued to increase and veterans have a “choice card” most are unable to use.

“President Obama owns the problems at the VA. Even though he tried today, Obama can’t blame Congress or any other group for the current problems at the VA. President Obama’s funding-it-will-fix-it philosophy has utterly failed. President Obama could have used this speech as opportunity to embrace more fundamental reform to the Department of Veterans Affairs, but unfortunately he did not and advocated for more of the status quo.”

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