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CVA on potential repeal of 2002 AUMF

By Concerned Veterans for America

Veterans group urges lawmakers to support the Barbara Lee Amendment to H.R. 550


ARLINGTON, Va.— On Tuesday, January 28, Concerned Veterans for America (CVA) released a letter of support for the Barbara Lee Amendment to H.R. 550, which would repeal the 2002 Authorization for Use of Military Force.

CVA Executive Director Nate Anderson had this to say about the effort:

“The 2002 AUMF, originally drafted to authorize operations against the Saddam-era Iraqi government, is obsolete. Repealing this outdated measure is a critical step to preserving the proper separation of powers between Congress and the executive branch, and ensuring that future major military engagements are first debated and authorized by Congress as the Constitution demands. On behalf of those who have served and those who will serve, Concerned Veterans for America urges Congress to assert its rightful role in decisions about war and peace by repealing the outdated 2002 Authorization for Use of Military Force.”


Read the letter of support here. 


In July 2019, CVA launched a digital ad campaign thanking lawmakers for standing against endless war, praising lawmakers for voting to ensure proper Congressional input before any offensive military force against Iran.

Additionally, CVA has called for the repeal of the 2001 AUMF, a measure it says would be “a critical step toward ensuring that Congress reasserts itself in shaping American foreign policy.”

CVA and VoteVets, traditionally bitter rivals, joined forces in 2019 to end our endless wars. Setting the example for lawmakers and the administration, the groups have found common ground on this issue and have been working together in an effort to bring real, lasting policy change in Washington.

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