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CVA on Potential Congressional Resolution Condemning Syria Pullback

By Concerned Veterans for America


ARLINGTON, Va.—Concerned Veterans for America (CVA) senior adviser Dan Caldwell issued the following statement upon news of Congress working on a resolution to condemn President Trump’s decision to remove American troops from the Turkey-Syria border:

“Simply put, it is not in America’s interest to have a military presence on the Syria-Turkey border. Congress should not be condemning the withdrawal of troops from a war that they didn’t even have the courage to hold a vote to authorize in the first place. Prolonging our presence in Syria only risks pulling the U.S. further into long-running conflicts in the region while not making Americans any safer or the country more secure.”


CVA in September launched its “Honor Their Sacrifice” campaign, much of which is devoted to advocating for a full and speedy withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan and our ‘endless wars.’

The “Honor Their Sacrifice” campaign comes alongside growing public support for ending ongoing conflicts, and recent polling showing that the majority of veterans and military families want to leave Afghanistan and Syria.