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CVA names Nate Anderson as new Executive Director

By Concerned Veterans for America

Group taps Deputy Director Nate Anderson to take the helm


ARLINGTON, Va.—Concerned Veterans for America (CVA) on Monday announced Nate Anderson, the group’s Deputy Director, will assume the title and responsibilities of Executive Director, succeeding Dan Caldwell in the position. Caldwell will remain with CVA as a Senior Advisor and will take on a new role with The Seminar Network assisting in the management of foreign policy and health care initiatives.

Anderson, a Green Beret, says the Special Forces’ motto, De Oppresso Liber, a Latin phrase meaning “To free the oppressed,” is a guiding tenet he will champion in the new role.

“Just as the Special Forces mission is to liberate people from the bonds that hold them back, CVA strives to eliminate the barriers standing in the way of veterans, military families, and all Americans from realizing their potential,” Anderson said. “That’s worth fighting for and I’m honored to represent such an amazing organization and group of people.”

Anderson is focused on leveraging CVA’s proven grassroots strategies while taking CVA’s vision and mission into the future.

“Concerned Veterans for America is a platform for people to continue serving their country after the military,” he continued. “When we come together in that spirit of service and put policy ahead of partisanship, we can realize lasting change and improve people’s lives.”

Dan Caldwell had the following to say regarding the selection of Nate Anderson as Executive Director:

“Having worked with Nate for over five years, including the last year and a half with him as Deputy Director, I can think of no one better to lead CVA. I am confident Nate and the rest of the outstanding CVA team will continue to grow CVA’s impact and build on the policy victories we have achieved over the past several years. In my new role, I look forward to continuing to work with CVA and other groups to advance more reforms to the Department of Veterans Affairs and to drive a better foreign policy for the United States.”

Nathan “Nate” has been with CVA since 2013. He previously led the group’s grassroots initiatives as the National Field Director before being promoted to Deputy Director in 2017, where he oversaw grassroots efforts.

Nate serves in the U.S. Army National Guard as a Warrant Officer and Green Beret. His deployments include Afghanistan, the Caribbean, South America, and the Middle East. Prior to joining CVA, Nate served as Legislative Liaison with the Minnesota Department of Veterans Affairs, as well as a Veteran Service Officer accredited with The American Legion. He is a graduate of the University of Minnesota.