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CVA Mobilizing Texas Veterans to Vote

By Concerned Veterans for America

Houston – Concerned Veterans for America (CVA) Texas state chapter is working to mobilize Texas veterans to vote this November 8th- in an effort called “GOTVets.”

The group’s Texas chapter has 200 active volunteers in the state who aim to make 79,000 calls and knock 10,000 doors asking people to get out and vote. CVA Texas is also directing veterans in the state to online resources such as CVA’s civic action center, helping veterans register to vote and locate polling locations.

There are 22 million veterans in the United States. CVA is active in 16 states across the country, using their “army” of over 2,500 volunteers to knock on doors and make phone calls for freedom. The group aims to make over 1.5 million contacts by November 8th, having already made 650,000 calls and knocked on almost 27,000 doors nationwide.

If you are interested in interviewing CVA Texas State Director James Booker on getting Texas veterans out to vote this November, please contact Sarah Shriver at