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CVA Launches “Strength and Security Project” to Further Engage on National Security Issues

By Concerned Veterans for America

CVA Launches “Strength and Security Project” to Further Engage on National Security Issues

Arlington, Va.Concerned Veterans for America (CVA) today launched a new initiative, the “Strength and Security Project,” to advance policies that ensure a strong American military and enhance the security of America, her interests, and her allies.  The Strength and Security Project will be a forum through which CVA engages more robustly on national security issues.

The Strength and Security Project will encourage serious and substantive national security discourse by empowering veterans as spokespeople, thought leaders, and advocates. CVA also seeks to persuade the public on the value of American strength and the consequence of American weakness. Much like CVA’s VA Accountability Project, the Strength and Security Project seeks to influence national security policies by holding elected officials accountable for their actions and positions on the issues.

View CVA’s Strength and Security video here.

“Concerned Veterans for America is proud to announce the Strength and Security Project and take our advocacy work to the next level by promoting policies that address not only Americans and American interests abroad, but also protecting the American homeland itself,” said Pete Hegseth, CEO of Concerned Veterans for America. “These threats cannot be ignored—and the lack of a coherent national security policy over the past six years has only increased the number, and intensity, of threats to America.”

“In addition to securing America, a strong, adaptable, and highly trained American military and intelligence community is essential to deterring conflict in the first place. Military force should always be a last resort in American foreign policy, but should also always be an option to protect the America, our allies, and American interests abroad.”

Visit the Strength and Security Projectwebsite for more information on the initiative.

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