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CVA launches $2 million campaign urging full withdrawal of US military from Iraq

By Concerned Veterans for America

Campaign is part of larger effort by grassroots veterans group to end our nation’s endless wars


ARLINGTON, Va.—Concerned Veterans for America (CVA) on Thursday launched a $2 million digital, direct mail, and grassroots advocacy campaign aimed at bringing about an end to America’s war in Iraq. The campaign launch follows the Biden Administration’s efforts to re-brand the U.S. military mission in Iraq as non-combat, even though the American military mission in Iraq will not substantially change and our troops will likely remain under fire.

CVA Senior Advisor and Iraq War veteran Dan Caldwell had this to say regarding the launch of the campaign:

“Keeping American troops in Iraq is not required for our safety and only risks the loss of more American life. The invasion of Iraq in 2003 is one of the biggest foreign policy disasters in American history, costing the lives of more than 4,500 Americans and $2 trillion in taxpayer dollars. With the destruction of ISIS’s territorial caliphate, the current mission in Iraq has been to train Iraqi Security Forces that are allied with and often equip the same militias that are currently attacking our troops on a regular basis. The current, counter-productive U.S. mission in Iraq is not worth the additional sacrifice of American blood and treasure. With the launch of this campaign, we hope to bring about the end of America’s disastrous 18-year war in Iraq that has cost us dearly while distracting us from more pressing priorities at home and abroad. 

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Nearly two-thirds of veterans and a majority of the general public support bringing our troops home from Iraq. If President Biden were to make the decision to fully withdraw from Iraq instead of simply re-branding the U.S. mission, he would have the strong support of the American people, just like he did with his decision to withdraw from Afghanistan.” 



CVA recently concluded a $1.25 million campaign to urge a full military withdrawal from Afghanistan. This campaign was just one phase in a larger effort, launched in 2019 to end America’s war in Afghanistan that had a total investment of over $5 million.

Recent polling conducted by Concerned Veterans for America shows strong support among the veteran and military family community for withdrawing from Afghanistan, Iraq, and other endless wars.