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CVA Florida Releases 2017 State Legislative Priorities

By Concerned Veterans for America

Tallahassee, FL – Today Concerned Veterans for America (CVA) is announcing its legislative priorities for the state of Florida in 2017. Utilizing a strategic combination of on-the-ground grassroots tactics, CVA’s Florida chapter will work to ensure the following measures are passed through the state government without delay:

  • Veterans reciprocity. HB 615 (introduced by state Rep. Paul Renner) and SB 1272 (introduced by state Senator Jeff Brandes) would expand opportunities for the Florida military community by making it easier for service members and their spouses to find and keep jobs as they relocate.
  • Veterans tax exemptions. HB 487 (introduced by state Rep. Paul Renner) and SB 330 (introduced by state Senator Greg Steube) would exempt certain burdensome business and property taxes for veterans and their families.
  • Corporate welfare elimination. HB 7005 (introduced by state Rep. Paul Renner) and SB 1110 (introduced by state Senator Jeff Brandes) would eliminate a number of major corporate welfare programs, including Enterprise Florida’s public-private partnership that hands out taxpayer funds to a few, large benefiting companies at the expense of many hardworking Floridians.

CVA Florida Coalitions Director Diego Echeverri issued the following statement:

“Florida should welcome veterans and military families, instead of pushing them away with burdensome taxes and regulations that put special interests first. When veterans or servicemembers hang up their uniforms, our state government should make their transition into civilian life as easy as possible. This year, Concerned Veterans for America will work tirelessly to support measures that would ease burdens and expand opportunities for the military community here in the Sunshine State. We look forward to working with elected officials on both sides of the aisle to get these important pro-veteran measures across the finish line in 2017.”

CVA’s Florida chapter has thousands of dedicated volunteers and activists who regularly knock on doors, make phone calls, and host local grassroots events in support of pro-veteran policies. The chapter also holds elected officials accountable for failing to support measures that would help veterans.

There are 1.7 million veterans who live in the state of Florida.