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CVA Florida Launches Direct Mail Targeting Nelson over Gorsuch

Will Senator Bill Nelson Protect the Freedoms we Fought to Defend?

By Concerned Veterans for America

Tallahassee, FL – This week Concerned Veterans for America (CVA) is dropping direct mail in Florida, asking citizens to urge Senator Nelson to confirm Judge Neil Gorsuch without delay. So far, Senator Nelson has failed to support Gorsuch’s Supreme Court Nomination – despite having supported Gorsuch’s nomination to the Tenth Circuit Court in 2006.

Each piece of mail directs citizens to call a CVA switchboard where they are informed about Neil Gorsuch’s record and then patched through to Senator Nelson’s office. The group will also drop mail in targeted markets throughout Indiana, North Dakota, West Virginia, Missouri, Colorado, and Montana.

CVA mailer directing veterans and military family members in Florida to urge Senator Nelson to confirm Judge Gorsuch without delay.

CVA Florida Coalitions Director Diego Echeverri issued the following statement:

“Judge Gorsuch is fair, qualified, and experienced, which is why Senator Nelson supported him in 2006. There is no legitimate reason for Senator Nelson to delay Gorsuch’s Supreme Court confirmation process – this should be an easy decision.

“The Florida veteran community is deeply invested in ensuring that the next Supreme Court justice will respect the Constitution they fought and sacrificed to defend. CVA will continue mobilizing our activists to push Senator Nelson to support Neil Gorsuch until the moment Gorsuch is confirmed to the bench.”

The night President Trump announced Neil Gorsuch’s nomination, CVA immediately issued a statement of support and launched a grassroots effort including regular phone banks and digital activism to help pressure the Senate to confirm Gorsuch without delay.