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CVA endorses Ohio effort to ease employment burden for citizens, including veterans

By Concerned Veterans for America

Veterans group urges support for measure to recognize military education in state licensing requirements


ARLINGTON, Va.—Concerned Veterans for America (CVA) on Monday sent a letter to Ohio lawmakers in support of an amendment to Senate Bill 246, a measure that removes barriers to employment for veterans who have learned a skilled trade through their service in the military. The measure adds language to allow veterans to apply their military training and education to state certification requirements for their particular trade or profession.

CVA Grassroots Engagement Director Adam Miller applauded the measure, pointing to the extensive education and training a veteran receives while serving:

“Through their service, our veterans go through extensive and continuing education in their particular fields – from HVAC to welding to countless other skills. When they leave active duty service and become civilians, requiring them to again complete the rigorous, lengthy, and costly certification processes only works to keep these professionals unemployed or encourages them to take their skills out of Ohio. During these unprecedented times, we should be doing anything we can to remove barriers to employment, especially when we are talking about those with proven skills and experience in their fields. This amendment recognizes the hard work our veterans have already done in service to our country and allows them to continue doing what they know and love in our great state. We support this amendment and encourage its inclusion in the Senate bill.”

With its support, CVA joins AmVets-Ohio, the American Legion-Ohio, VFW-Ohio, and Ohio Veterans United in support of this measure.

The measure includes language to Senate Bill 246, expanding the definition of “out-of-state occupational license” and “government certification” to include licenses or government certifications issued by a branch of the United States military to an individual to engage in a profession, occupation, or occupational activity.